Hannah Hollis

Account Manager
"It’s my role to represent the client internally, continually challenge assumptions and ensure the best outcome for all in meeting a brief or delivering against a long-term goal."

As the diplomatic middle child of 8 siblings, it’s little wonder that I found myself in the role of Account Manager in London, responsible for managing and growing strong client relationships.

No project is the same; likewise, neither is one client engagement to the next. Facing ‘inwards’, it is my responsibility to act as the voice of the client within Foolproof, challenging assumptions, ensuring that the direct needs of the client are being met and delivering a quality client experience with Foolproof.

Facing ‘outwards’, I work with our clients to understand their business strategy, discussing top-line industry trends, market disruption and competitors to provide guidance on how Foolproof’s varying UX design and build capabilities can best support them. With ‘one foot in each camp’, I ensure that the best outcome is delivered against a brief or business objective.

In recent years my work has been largely focused on Financial Services, where I’ve followed the transformation of the sector driven by emerging FinTechs, cultural shifts and global activity. I’m particularly excited by the huge changes that we are seeing in Asia and the Greater Bay Area.

However, as somewhat ‘sports-obsessed’ I’m also captivated by tech-driven changes to the health and fitness industry, and the potential of data; when used effectively and responsibly, it can change the world. Until then, I’ll continue watching with enthusiasm and use my passion for sports in the workplace at any opportunity, be it in a One-Team approach to programmes of work, resilience to a challenge, or rallying my unsuspecting colleagues into entering a Tough Mudder.

Outside of the office - and occasionally in - you’ll find me lacing up to trial the next big thing in sportswear or tech, training for an obscure fitness challenge, running, cycling, CrossFitting, banging the sustainability drum or cooking up a gratuitous amount of food to compensate for all of the above. If it involves the outdoors or being fed, then I’m your girl.

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