Jiayi Lu

"I believe the importance of learning to code helps in creating quality visual design for interactive screens."

As a designer at Foolproof, I am responsible for designing solutions driven by research and insights. My work revolves around collaborating closely with consultants and clients, to identify and understand problems, and solve the right ones.

From conceptualising ideas and user flows, to producing wireframes and high-fidelity visuals, my expertise lies in creating integrated solutions that are meaningful, and answer both user and business needs. My experience includes working with clients in the field of banking and finance, education, online retail and branding. 

I studied a Diploma in Interactive Media Design at Temasek Polytechnic Design School, one of the leading design institutions in Singapore. My interest in UI and UX stemmed from my overseas internship in New York, where I had the opportunity to work with a User Experience Designer at Wunderman NY. Since then, I learned to approach design problems from a UX perspective in my work at Kilo Studio; where I worked with the creative team and design technologists to conceptualise ideas and create websites. Some of this work was featured on Awwwards and Behance. My motivation to further explore the realm of UX led me to my next stint as a UI and UX designer at Samsung.   

I entered the industry when the web transition happened - Flash is now gone, and HTML5 lives on. I have since left my ActionScript days behind and continue to pursue my interest in HTML/CSS development. I believe the importance of learning to code helps in creating quality visual design for interactive screens. Understanding the boundaries of the web space allows me to push the limits without compromising the quality of my work.

When I’m not crafting pixels, I find myself immersed in local and other cities’ food, history and culture, going on long walks, or trying the next recipe I have on my to-cook list. I enjoy spending quality time with loved ones, and fellow friends in the design industry to talk about… pixels and codes. I also like to indulge myself with great animated movies, to-read books and manga. And I hope to fulfil my to-travel list someday. Did I mention I like lists too?