Joel Pierre-Powell

Senior Developer
"As a passionate developer, I strive for pixel perfection even if IE decides to rain on my parade."

As a front-end developer, it is my responsibility to translate design into code. To do this effectively and prevent a disconnect between devs and designers, I always work collaboratively with UX practitioners. 

Although I have worked as a front-end developer for the last 9 years, I have also worked in graphic and UI/UX design, respectively. I have expertise in back-end development having built my own RESTful API and front-end for a CMS too. As a result, I am competent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular and well-versed in frameworks/tools such as Laravel, React, jQuery, Wordpress, Karma, Jasmine, SASS, LESS, Webpack and Gulp. 

As a passionate developer, I strive for pixel perfection even if IE decides to rain on my parade. With my experience, I have the ability to find solutions that ensure design is consistent across browsers and devices. Building a site to emulate a design is often not enough which is why I always use the right mark-up in the right places, ensuring SEO structure is maintained – like users, website crawlers need to easily navigate sites! 

I am a self-confessed nerd and so I often challenge myself to Google things I don’t understand. As a result, I continuously upgrade and expand my skillset which is important if you want to succeed as a developer. A few of my greatest skills include the ability to quickly grasp new concepts and implement them correctly while I am capable of confidently planning projects - considering their requirements at every opportunity.

Before I joined Foolproof, I was a lead front-end developer at a global advertising company, where I used data to fuel creative decisions. While there, I created an array of internal tools to help clients and decision makers reach customer-centric conclusions. Prior to this, I worked at a European Forex start-up where I was exposed to a variety of dev tech stacks. 

In my spare time, I read up on the latest dev-related breakthroughs and, as mentioned, challenge myself to regularly learn new things. I am also a Premier League fanatic. Most weekends, I can be found relaxing on the couch on my laptop (learning new tech/working on personal projects) while watching the football - no matter the team… although Arsenal are definitely the best! When I’m not watching football, I can be found playing board games or going to the cinema.