Jonathan McElhatton

Programme Director
"I’m incredibly excited to join my clients on their journey towards exceptional customer experience."

In my role as Programme Director, I’m responsible for leading our team of Programme Managers and overseeing the delivery of our largest and most complex client engagements. I’m passionate about terrible customer experiences. No, I’m not crazy! What I mean is that I take proactive steps to avoid them at all costs, and I love to help my clients do the same.

I’m a loyal Apple customer. Why? It’s not just their simple, intuitive and reliable products, not only the excellent customer service they offer in-store and on-demand, and not even their captivating marketing campaigns, it’s all of this together, and more! Apple takes care of my complete experience with their brand, and in return wins my loyalty. Careful consideration of a customer’s experience with a brand can be the difference between a product or service that flourishes or flounders. I’m incredibly excited to join my clients on their journey towards exceptional customer experience.

Over the past six years, I’ve held a variety of roles such as Strategist, Programme Manager, Project Manager, Product Manager, Deployment Lead and Business Analyst, and worked across a range of complex and high-profile international retail, marketing and communications projects. From till points to corporate intranets, payment landscapes to data analytics, online customer portals to mobile loyalty applications, I’ve seen a little bit of everything across the digital space.

I’m also a climate change enthusiast, previously working with Scotland’s 2050 Climate Group and studying environmental law in Edinburgh and climate science in Southampton. Cool fact…did you know that the influx of fresh water caused by melting ice caps into our salty oceans leads to a slow-down of the global thermohaline circulation, inversely causing air temperature in some regions to cool NOT warm?!

In my spare time, I can be found exploring Kent's countryside on my motorcycle, breathing in sea air on the south Devon coast, or generally “pottering” around my house making little changes and modifications.

Feel free to get in touch with me any time.

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