JP Nothard

Principal Developer
JP Nothard
"Outside of Foolproof I like to play with any new and exciting code base or API I can find."

As a front-end developer it is my responsibility to turn the designs that the studio create into fully functioning responsive websites. I also provide support and feedback on projects to help the team create and deliver projects that conform to todays development standards.

I have been working as a front-end developer for over 4 years. My primary area of expertise is HTML, CSS and JavaScript the full core front-end stack, but I have also been developing using backend technologies such as PHP. Beyond the core languages I have studied and used some the most popular frameworks like, jQuery, jQuery UI, Angular JS, WordPress, canvas, ionic, Cordova, SASS, LESS, Grunt and Yeoman to name a few. As the years have passed I have built up a lot of experience with both old and new browsers so I am ready to for any challenge that they give to produce a digital product that looks great and works even better no matter what device you are viewing it from.

I am passionate about web and semantics. I feel that every great website should have a great foundation. I have spent a lot of time studying structured markup (schema) so that sites don’t just look good to the human eye but can be read and crawled by search engine bots with optimal efficiency. Beyond markup I feel that my greatest speciality is to adapt and learn. Being in a technical role and being that its 2018 everything is changing pretty fast. There is always something new being brought in. So as a front-end developer my greatest skill is to be able to use the correct tech for a project so that its built to todays standard.

Before I joined Foolproof I was working as a front-end and WordPress developer at a small boutique design agency in Soho. I was there for 4 years and got to work on a wide range of projects. Prior to my web career I was a shop owner back in my small town in South-Africa. Before that I was a financial advisor at Old Mutual and a regional sales manager to a sales and merchandising agency in Johannesburg working in the FMCG sector.

Outside of Foolproof I like to play with any new and exciting code base or API I can find which I use to create myself a set of challenges that I use as a base for my studies. But when I am not coding I am a PC gamer and enjoy playing in the occasional poker tournament. When I am not behind my PC I am out and about enjoying London's pubs or watching the latest Marvel movie at the cinema.