Khai Seng Hong

Head of Singapore Office
"Part of my time is also spent volunteering to grow the UX community in Singapore."

I have the pleasure of leading the Foolproof Singapore team. I help craft creative and effective approaches for clients and make sure that the project teams deliver quality work that addresses both business and customer needs.

I've been in the user experience design field for the past 11 years. My primary skill-set includes design research and interaction design. Throughout my career, I have facilitated many workshops and training programmes with C-suite executives and working professionals to drive cultural change within organisations around design and innovation.

I'm a firm believer in holistic experience design spanning digital, spatial, product and service domains. I feel that delivering great design for a client is only part of the equation. It is also key to help clients bring sustained impact and cultural change in the way they work.

Part of my time is also spent volunteering to grow the UX community in Singapore through organising the UXSG conference and monthly meet-ups. I have also been certified as an Integral coach by New Ventures West – that involves helping clients to create and maintain habits of excellence that are self-generating and self-correcting. I practice mindfulness and am interested in how it can be brought into professional practice.

Learning and people development is in my blood. I dabbled in pedagogical research at the National Institute of Education in the past. Just before joining Foolproof, I also taught at Republic Polytechnic, a tertiary institution in Singapore, and helped developed the curriculum in anthropological studies, interaction design, experience design and design thinking.

Apart from work, I enjoy Blizzard games and tending to my coral garden (sustainably grown, of course) and other undersea wonders.

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