Martin McCarthy

"I really enjoy both formative and evaluative research that involves ethnographic methods."

Finding the balance between the needs of both our clients and their users is what drives my practice as a UX Consultant. My day-to-day life at Foolproof consists of designing and conducting research to deliver actionable insights that can be used to create more effective digital solutions.

I conduct lots of usability studies on mobile and desktop sites for both consumer and retail products. I interview users to understanding why and how they engage with products. I work on a broad range of clients from various different sectors, and at the moment lot of my clients are in the financial sector.

I really enjoy both formative and evaluative research that involves ethnographic methods such as field research, observational studies, and both structured and unstructured interviews. Essentially, I love learning about why people do what they do.

I completed a masters through research, where I was designing and developing interactive experiences for visitors to Cork Butter Museum. (The history of butter, and Cork butter in particular, is actually very interesting.) Being able to observe and interview visitors using my creations was an invaluable experience which led me down the path of UX Consultancy. Before Foolproof, I worked at a trend forecasting consultancy, which gave me an insight into how trends and early adopters effect culture, society, and of course, economies.

When I’m not at Foolproof, I’m generally doing something like: eating lovely food, wandering aimlessly around London, going out with friends, listening to music, or going to pubs and having the craic. I love a nice avocado.

And to finish, a quote from Oscar Wilde about experience, but from a time when digital didn’t exist: ‘Experience is simply the names we give our mistakes’. Probably still as relevant today as when he first wrote those words.

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