Melissa Manderson

Programme Manager
"Only since joining Foolproof have I been able to bookend my experiences."

Over the last 10+ years I have been fortunate enough to have managed a broad range of exciting, compelling and inspirational projects for brands big and small. 

I’ve worked on everything from responsive websites, mobile apps and interactive experiences to film, content and experiential projects.   

However, only since joining Foolproof have I been able to bookend my experiences. 

Often a company will produce a product or a campaign for a client based on gut and creative tenacity alone.  Maybe, if there is extra time, will a limited amount of ‘user testing’ be carried out, post go-live, as part of a ‘test & learn strategy’.

But this is nothing compared to what Foolproof can offer, to verify and validate a concept before the heavy spending is done in the final phases of delivery, is to sleep easy knowing your hard won budget has been well spent. 

This is why I work for Foolproof. To get the opportunity to manage the production of fantastic products and practice true end-to-end delivery based on facts and guts.

When I’m not philosophising, you can find me in always-windy Brighton – eating, crafting and watching (films).