Mike Pertwee

Senior UX Designer
Mike Pertwee
"You can’t beat knowing that your thinking and work have gone on to make somebody’s life just that little bit more enjoyable."

I have one of the most interesting and rewarding jobs out there. As a Senior UX Designer at Foolproof I get to try and understand real-world problems, and design elegant and intuitive experiences to fix them. You can’t beat knowing that your thinking and work have gone on to make somebody’s life just that little bit more enjoyable, and that only multiplies when you realise how many people your work is helping.

I love being involved with all parts of the design process: from working alongside our consultants in order to understand the people we’re designing for; to tackling the fundamentals of how those people interact with what we’re designing; all the way to how the solutions look and feel which means working with our developers to make sure our vision is realised down to the very last pixel.

I have a degree in Industrial Design and Technology from Loughborough University under my belt as well as previous studies in computer science and graphic design. My Industrial Design background is invaluable for me as a designer, it has taught me to think openly without making assumptions about what people think, or what form - physical or digital - a solution should take. While at Loughborough, I completed my dissertation on the UX of autonomous vehicles, a fascinating new field, and one I’m keen to keep my finger on the pulse of.

My journey with Foolproof started as a student, when I was lucky enough to attend a workshop day centred around designing services. I knew it was the place for me, so I made it my mission to work here as an intern, which I did for nearly a year. I then returned as a full-time employee following my graduation.

Outside of the office, and sometimes inside, I’m a musician, drumming for a singer-songwriter both on recordings and live. I’ve been very fortunate to play some amazing gigs, but they all pale in comparison to playing with the Foolproof Band at our infamous band nights.

In the past, I’ve also worked as an audio and lighting engineer for live events, working with acts like Example and Scouting for Girls, as well as studio sound engineering and broadcast engineering. My work as the sound engineer on a live flagship sports show for my University’s TV channel helped win us multiple National Student Television Awards.