Remy Blechschmidt

Senior Project Manager
"The majority of my time is devoted to executing the vision of our biggest clients in a timely and effective manner."

As a Project Manager at Foolproof, the majority of my time is devoted to executing the vision of our biggest clients in a timely and effective manner.

In other words, I like to see myself as a project enabler whose role is to coordinate the team and ensure our deliverables meet client objectives, to create tangible and meaningful solutions that solve complex design problems. I believe that a good Project Manager is a smart generalist, with the broad knowledge and skillset, which understands the priorities, expected outcomes and risks associated with the different activities and how an activity ties into the project objective as a whole.

I’ve been fortune enough to work and ideate with a wide range of experts who think differently in my time as a Project Manager. From tech teams to social media managers, marketing leaders to creative teams – in working alongside a number of different teams, I have nurtured and broadened my knowledge of many disciplines. Over the past few years, I have also gained understanding in Account and Project Management having worked on a wide range of digital projects, for global clients such as Singapore Airlines, HP, AIA, Unilever.

I’m always trying  to use these two respective lenses to support the team and wider business. After all, it wasn’t raining when Noah built the arkso I’m always making sure that we have the best plan to lead the team to our objective.   

Working within a multicultural team in France, India and now Singapore has taught me that communication is crucial. One of my mottos is: “the map is not the territory” – which reminds me that there is a significant gap between belief and reality which is easily resolved through effective communication.

Outside of work I love sports, travel, food and photography. I’m pretty hard to catch on weekends, as I’m trying to discover as many hidden gems as possible in Southeast Asia, always with my camera or my drone to get the best shots.

We have only one life and so many countries and places to visit which is why you’ll always find me making the most out of it. My day to day life usually starts on the road and you can find me running or playing soccer almost every day.