Rob Hall

Marketing Manager
"I ride a skateboard, I read a lot - classics, modern, postmodern, contemporary – and dedicate my Instagram to showcasing covers and words."

As a Marketing Manager, I help with the external promotion of Foolproof as a brand, to our current and prospective clients as well as to potential Foolproofers. This involves managing our social media, copywriting for the website, and generally snatching up any opportunity for positive PR, and generally getting to know and liaise with every team in the business – doing my upmost to narrate life at Foolproof.

When it comes to marketing technique I’m good at being reactive and relatively on trend – I love reading about the discipline and expanding my professional horizons as a result. I’m also a big advocate of a people first approach to marketing. This approach fits particularly well with Foolproof’s own ethos, as designing solutions which impact the lives of millions is where Foolprooof excels.

I find the waypoint at which the digital and physical portions of our world intersect immensely interesting to consider from a professional, and philosophical point of view. With the emergence of AR and VR this intermingling of worlds looks set to further widen our own vista, while fundamentally changing the whole way in which we ‘see’ the world.

Before Foolproof I was a waiter, a barman, and a social media engager. I also worked with a couple of local marketing and content agencies. In the course of my post university job search – soul sucking snore – I became quite vocal on LinkedIn regarding certain trends in marketing and would like to continue writings of this kind in the future.

Somewhat strangely I come from a strong philosophical background. I hold a BA and MA in philosophy awarded by the University of Essex. My MA dissertation was written on the existential phenomenology of Emmanuel Levinas. I spent the course of sixteen thousand words ruminating over his central dictum, ‘ethics is first philosophy’.

I ride a skateboard, I read a lot - classics, modern, postmodern, contemporary – and dedicate my Instagram to showcasing covers and words (book club anyone… I’m serious?!). When I have time, I write prose and poetry. Recently, some of my old prose and poetry made its way into print as part of an Essex Writers’ Circle anthology. I also like good food and drink like any sentient being who wishes to perpetuate their existence. 

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