Zoe Guiraudon Calleja

United Kingdom
Senior Designer

I'm a Senior Designer here at Foolproof but think of myself as a teacher, moderator, researcher, speaker and facilitator too.

I was first drawn to UX because it is a practice which allows me to combine my innate skill set and passion for tech and design. I also love being in front of users/stakeholders/students as much as pixel pushing on my computer or brainstorming with fellow practitioners.

In my mind, union is a force to be reckoned with i.e. teamwork makes the dream work. Within the team, my role is to bridge the gap between the three voices of a project - the users (desirability), the business (viability) and tech (feasibility).

I attribute my abundance of empathy to my background and upbringing. Before transitioning to UX a few years ago, I studied advertising and global marketing and for five years, I worked in digital marketing.

Growing up, I was surrounded by entrepreneurs - which should explain why I'm aware of and understand what it takes to run a business.

Outside of Foolproof, I teach UX at the General Assembly. You’ll also find me trying new things. It changes every week or month. It could be embroidery one month then I will study crystal healing or plants as, naturally, I am always curious and eager to learn new things.