Early sketches for DBS Treasury Prism
Digital product design

Award-winning innovation with DBS

We helped design the world's first online simulation tool for cash management solutions. It's used by experts in finance and treasury to make better financial decisions at an operational level. The product is called Treasury Prism

The challenge
  • Identify key areas to support DBS corporate clients with managing numerous business accounts across multiple countries and the associated challenges.
  • Understand, demystify and relay complex regulatory and tax considerations for each location.
  • Clearly convey how and why Treasury Prism is the best cash and treasury management solution available globally.
Our approach
  • Map out the challenges of managing multiple accounts with varied currencies and locations, conducting design research with finance experts to explore these complex transactional flows.
  • Form design principles to guide user interface design and information architecture.
  • Translate design and technology into human value by introducing experience metrics and product KPIs, aligned to business goals and technical metrics.

DBS is one of Asia's leading banks with over 9 million customers in 18 markets.

Project type

Fund management

Delivering on human-centricity

DBS are the World's Best Digital BankWe're proud to have partnered with them for a number of years, particularly on the Treasury Prism project to deliver on their commitment to human-centricity at an organisational level. 

We developed an early Proof of Concept and then developed that into a functional digital product available across markets in Asia. Our particular focus was on usability, information architecture and information design. These are critical factors for a digital product that we intended to be a go-to place for Financial Managers and Treasury Heads to simulate complex financial structures which maximise profit and minimise loss.

High-level full report based on financial modelling
Early design iterations helped us get visualisation right.

Real-time response to financial challenges

The platform draws in information about the corporate, legal and financial environment in which a company operates. This gives Finance and Treasury professionals immediate, contextual insights which help them understand the implications that each solution has on financial structures, forecasts and the business in real time.

It also incorporates digital advisory services to enable the co-creation of digital business solutions between financial and commercial operations teams. With an optimisation score for each solution delivered via a smart algorithm, users can quantify the benefits of each model.

World-first design

With no other solution like it on the market we needed to start from the ground up. Research with CFOs, corporate treasurers and finance professionals mapped out the pain points in managing several business accounts with different currencies and transaction flows.

We designed for a balance between intuitive workflows that offer familiarity and ease-of-use with the ability to work in the complexity that surrounds corporate decisions in financial strategy.

Design thinking workshop
Sketches as workshop outputs
Early data visualised in sketches
Product design started with conversations and sketches.

Establishing experience metrics

We introduced user experience metrics to supplement product KPIs and to align with business and technical metrics. DBS are committed to translating design and technology into human value. This guided the design principles we developed for instance being bank-agnostic and delivering contextual clarity. This anchored our UI design and IA models. Establishing these principles meant we were able to define a visual language for information and data visualisation platform-wide.

Aggregated data across companies
Dashboard and visualisation of financial risk with contextual information
An illustration of financial modelling
The first release of the product created new value for customers.

Award-winning design

Treasury Prism goes beyond the conventional bank-customer interaction by creating the conduit between the bank and Financial and Treasury teams.

When designing user-centred platforms, we have the opportunity to create a delightful yet impactful experience. The platform has been recognised as an innovative solution and won an armful of innovation awards when it was released. 


EuroFinance Treasury Award;TMI Award for Innovation Excellence 2017; Global Finance Best Treasury & Cash Management Award; Triple A's Asset Asian Awards;

Press releases 

DBS's internal release; DBS Treasury Prism product video; Business times Singapore write-up

  • Activities

    User journey mapping, qualitative research and testing, information architecture, data visualisation.

  • Delivery

    Two-weekly iterative design sprints.

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