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Building UX capabilities from the ground up at a global logistics company

Helping a multi-national company deepen its capabilities in UX. We promoted a better understanding of modern design practices by showing their commercial impact across the organisation.

The challenge
  • Building customer trust and encouraging the use of a wider range of services.
  • Moving from tactical research projects focused on fixing immediate user experience issues to addressing problems more holistically at an organisational level.
  • Promoting UX wins and commercial success stories to gain further buy-in and investment from business stakeholders.
Our approach
  • Several years of working across multiple markets and service lines – starting tactically enabled us to make quick CX wins.
  • Over time we formed a more holistic understanding and mapping of the customer experience.
  • This helped us to redefine strategic investment and initiatives organisation wide.

A billion-dollar blue chip who are a key player in global trade.

Project type

UX Strategy, UX Capabilities

Consolidating insight as the foundation for strategic vision

At first, we worked on a number of research and consulting projects for separate business units across the organisation.

These included problems with moving to paperless transactional receipts, as paper provides reassurance and serves as legally supporting documentation in this industry. Or, the difficulty some vendors faced when trying to move heavy cargo fast to meet their client’s deadlines and expectations on the other side of the globe.

This resulted in more joined-up research which mapped and explored the wider CX our client was delivering. Over the course of this research, we worked collaboratively with client teams across three global markets and a number of subsidiary locations. Our team worked alongside our client to upskill their own in-house marketing and fieldwork team.

Research stats



Hours of fieldwork

Mapping end-to-end customer experience

We plotted the end-to-end experience for customers across different organisational touchpoints onto journey maps. This helped us to spot gaps in our understanding for important customer pain points, as well as identifying opportunities for improvement. It also let us create a set of metrics to measure success as we improved the experience.

This gave us a really good overview of what we needed to know, what we needed to fix and how we should prioritise design resources for maximum effect.

A graphical visualisation of how to move through a strategic challenge

Defining metrics for success

Our strategy focused on promoting organisational alignment and support for working on customer priorities. Three guiding metrics emerged: trust, transparency, and accuracy. These were important outcomes for customers and so we developed a method for sampling and measuring on these across the user experience. What gets measured, gets done. As different parts of the organisation started to understand the importance of focusing on these three dimensions we got buy-in, and a true sense of our mission to make the experience better for customers in ways that mattered.

We shared our approach with senior management and got support and investment for this more systematic approach to identifying and solving customer problems through design.

Three illustrations highlighting, trust, transparency and accuracy

Better customer outcomes through design

Our work promoted confidence in modern UX methods and a long-term plan for design and service improvements across the business. It established a more unified way of working and a widely understood way to measure the impact that design changes had on resolving customer pain points.

  • Activities

    Qualitative research, CX workshops, customer journey mapping, design, UX strategy, measurement frameworks.

  • Delivery

    Multiple engagements over a two-year period.

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