Identify and understand opportunities

Understand and unpick your trickiest business challenges and validate your assumptions.

Our perspective

Stop wasting time on ideas which don’t work for customers or make business sense

Explore new opportunities to create business value, whether you have an idea to test or are looking at greenfield innovation opportunities.

Strategist sketching out a roadmap for change

Our approach

Understand people’s needs, wants and behaviours

We leverage behavioural insight and data analysis to help you better understand new and existing ways for your brand to serve, engage and interact with people. This includes speaking to employees, customers and stakeholders.

We synthesise this insight to build a picture of your organisation, spot the gaps and quickly make product and experience enhancements or to catalyse ideas for strategic and strategic and creative exploration.

Realise the full value of your data and insights

Using service design, user research, data and technical smarts we take a look under the hood of your organisation. This helps us carefully map an organisation’s customer and employee touch points.

To do this we draw on design thinking, service blueprints, technical architecture and business modelling. This helps us understand the levers and dials that can be moved to create new opportunities that makes sense in your business environment.

Solve the right problem, the right way

Robust roadmaps are a thing of the past, our world changes from one minute to the next. Your business and its products need to shift too.

Through using the insight and understanding we uncover we use rapid ideation to help you be as certain as you can be about what products, services and experiences you should bring to market.

Optimising in a live environment

A great way to determine if an opportunity is going to fly is by testing it in live.

By using our optimisation framework or spinning up cloud native environments which help realise your idea and understand if it will work.

Our experiments are insight-led and can feed into wider programmes of optimisation, integration and technical exploration.

Samples of our work

Problems we've helped solve

Our work to help organisations think differently about understanding how to solve their trickiest business problems.

Product innovation


AXA XL launched the world’s first insurance cover for autonomous vehicles. Design thinking and collaboration right across their business moved the product from whiteboard to launch in three months.

Global logistics company

Global logistics company

We helped a billion-dollar company deepen its UX capabilities. A shared vision for future customer experience has informed a roadmap for investment and improvement over several years.

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