Darren Ng

Senior Consultant
"I believe that storytelling is the key to help people understand complexity for themselves."

As a Senior Consultant, my role centers around delivering insight that helps our clients make decisions that achieve their desired business outcomes. A large part of that begins by conducting user research and drawing insight from the data acquired.

Sometimes my role involves training or facilitating people to find their own stories. On top of that, to help achieve real impact in a commercial world, I also have to understand our clients’ businesses, their company processes and the cultural nuances that would otherwise eat my recommendations for breakfast.

As a design researcher, I have come to believe that trying to explain complexity directly is largely futile. Instead, I believe that storytelling is the key to help people understand complexity for themselves. Ultimately, this allows them to make better decisions on their own.

In uncovering these stories, I have conducted both lab-based and ethnographic research in Singapore, China and the UK. I also have experience as a trainer and facilitator, both holding space for small groups and running workshops for hundred-strong audiences.

I believe that “you cannot give others what you do not have”: to speak meaningfully on human-centricity in my work requires a deep personal understanding of it within myself. To that end, I practice mindfulness and am continually exploring how to bring it to my work.

Before Foolproof, I read Systems Engineering at a Masters-level, and began my career in a government agency, delivering capabilities for one of the Ministries as a project manager and process analyst, before the natural arc of my career curved towards a role in UX.

Outside of work, I volunteer at the UXSG community. I believe in the value of holding a neutral space to have conversations and build relationships outside of work, and being able to hold that space for other practitioners is a real privilege.

In the in-between spaces, I’m a lover of fantasy novels, world history, slow jazz, computer games, dance, and long conversations. I’m most at home in the old cities of the world, soaking in the strange-yet-familiar feeling of a culture that’s altogether foreign, yet undeniably human. Preferably with a coffee in hand.

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