Hannah Black

Account Director
"I also have both above and below the line experience working with brands."

As an Account Director at Foolproof, I am responsible for multiple client relationships in our Portfolio. I believe that strong communication is central to any client engagement role, and it is through this that I’m able to develop an understanding of the client’s business and the problems they may experience.

When helping to answer the client’s brief and meet their objectives, I will ensure the most suitable team from Foolproof’s talented studio are mobilised – an essential step in smoothly guiding any project through to completion.

Before joining Foolproof I worked at Ogilvy & Mather, where I was responsible for above the line advertising for a global electronics brand, alongside quick turnaround government projects. I also have both above and below the line experience working with brands spanning sectors including the entertainment industry, food and drink, and education.

I’m extremely interested in the psychology behind user centred design, and the importance of understanding how the users’ feelings, thoughts and actions are affected throughout the process. Studying how new technology affects human behaviours and exploring how design can improve their everyday interactions and experiences is one of the reasons I’m so excited to be working for Foolproof.

Outside of work, I can mostly be found tending to my balcony plants, luring in urban garden birds with my feeders, and drinking good coffee.