Janelle Lim

Janelle Lim
"I find unpacking new cultures, complex systems and problems extremely stimulating and rewarding."

My role as a Consultant is to collaborate with both people (not users!) and businesses to identify experience design opportunities that bring commercial value.  

You will often find me gathering customer insights using a variety of research methodologies or in front of a wall camouflaged with post-its for analysis and ideation. I work closely with designers to transform insights into solutions.

My colleagues call me the Indiana Jones of the Singapore office. I would like to think it’s because my intrinsic curiosity about people’s behavior, motivations and cultures would drive me to earth’s extremes. I have conducted research across multiple countries for global and regional clients in banking and finance, F&B and automobile. I find unpacking new cultures, complex systems and problems extremely stimulating and rewarding.

Prior to Foolproof, I spent years creating digital experiences in a full-fledged digital agency. Apart from doing research, information architecture and wireframes for websites and apps, I was also a UX advocate in the organisation. I grabbed every opportunity to share my UX philosophy with visual designers and developers to ensure final deliverables stayed true to design insights. Working in a team complete with its own developers has equipped me to design with an understanding of technical limitations and feasibility in mind.

I first came to learn about User Experience Design at the National University of Singapore where I completed my studies in Communications and New Media. It wasn’t long before I knew a job in user experience design was perfect for satisfying my creativity and curiosity.

Outside of the studio, I will escape to places that bring me close to nature or horses. I am also interested in critical design and design fiction that open necessary conversations about the implications of new technologies. But the greatest meaning I’ve found is in helping others navigate through life by sharing and teaching from the Bible.