Jennifer Rockman

"I love talking to different people, joining the dots and problem-solving."

As a Consultant, my job is to talk to clients and their customers to understand what people need, how they use technology and why. I then turn that information into insights that companies can use to improve their products. I love talking to different people, joining the dots and problem-solving.

My background is a mix. I'm originally from London and I studied English and American Studies at The University of Nottingham, which included an extra year at the University of Illinois, USA. After graduating, I worked in accounts departments in London between travelling to countries in South-East Asia and South America. My interest in people and what makes them tick started in the next chapter of my life: living in Vietnam and teaching English at a local university.

Working closely with my students every day and finding creative ways to make education fun got me interested in psychology and behaviour. At the same time, I saw the smartphone revolution happen 'overnight', giving almost everyone access to the internet. This made me passionate about the opportunities that technology can bring to people anywhere in the world. Working as a consultant allows me to combine my interest in psychology with what digital products can do for them.

On returning to London, I studied an MSc in Human-Computer Interaction Design at City University. This gave me the skills to conduct high-quality research that gets reliable, useful results.

Outside of work I like good food and film, but my first love is travel.