Mariola Wilk

United Kingdom
Office Assistant
Mariola Wilk
"Working at Foolproof provides a great opportunity to grow. I am around people who are always happy to help and support me."

My role as an Office Assistant at Foolproof is to ensure the company’s processes run smoothly, and  the day-to-day running of the office.

But first and foremost - I handle reception and general office duties in London, making sure visitors receive a warm welcome.

I came to London three years ago, and I’m still exploring the city. I studied journalism and I’m also interested in humanitarian aid.

I’m glad to be part of Foolproof as it’s a place where I can gain experience and meet amazing people. All the people here are professionals and individuals that can help me grow.

After work, I love to spend time with my friends. If I did not have to work at all, I would hide in a lovely hot place with a book in my hands, but my ultimate dream is to live in Australia and feed a koala bear.